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Chondros Kavos
located in Chondros Kavos
located in Harokopou
Gitonia tis Irinis
located in Chora
Limani Apartments
located in Chora
Soroccos Apartments
located in Chora

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On the islands of koufonisia (κουφονησια), south coast stretch, from Pariano on the west side to Pori on the east side, the beaches are fascinating. Crescents of golden sand interchange with wild looking caves that the tide has carved into the rocks. In general terms, the further east you go the better the beaches are and the denser the greenery comparatively is. A pathway parallel to the islands south coastline allows you to see and chose the beach that appeals to you.

The most frequented beaches are Harokopou and Platia Pounda, the most secluded beach is Fanos and the most isolated beach, and probably the best, is Pori. It’s approximately 4 kilometers from the town, but literally it’s worth the effort. Bear in mind that the seaside road, in practice, has proved to be longer that it appears to be on the map but it definitely is a more beautiful road than the one that runs through the island.

Beside the pathway you will find «ammothines» (small hills of sand where very rare flowers with white lilies grow), that you can only find in the Cyclades. Do not forget an excursion by caique to Lower Koufonisi. The coarse sand beaches are ideal for nudism and isolation. Also, in Upper Koufonisi, look for the «Pool» which is a stone tank filled with seawater that will offer you a memorable swimming experience.
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