Gitonia tis Irinis, Chora Hotel, Koufonisia Hotel, Gitonia tis Irinis is located in Chora Koufonisia Greece
The Houses
"Gitonia tis Irinis" is an aesthetically unique spot, a small traditional housing complex where the first though of its creator was how to preserve the elements of early Cycladic homes and the local way of life.

The sense of serenity and quietude which they give the visitor are a result not only of the beautiful Cycladic landscape, but of their careful arrangement against it. Whichever one you choose to stay in, you will have a sense of absolute privacy - from the front patio of each small house you will have a view of the sea.

From anywhere in the complex, the visitor has a view of the sea. Across the gulf lies the holy island of Keros with its thousands of subtle colours which change throughout the day and which becomes other-wordly, magical, on moonlit nights. Every morning you can see Skopelitins, the old liner of the local islands, on its way to Naxos island, and every afternoon returning to Amorgos island. Outsite the compound walls the road leading to all the beautiful beaches of the island.