Finikas Apartments, Harokopou Hotel, Koufonisia Hotel, Finikas Apartments is located in Harokopou Koufonisia Greece
The Apartments
Wellcome to finikas

Where the gaze drinks deep in the sea and the ear becomes initiated in the silence, where the soul shivers before the uncompromising beauty, that is where the common secret of living is hidden. Everyone talks, thinks and sings about it, no one dares dream that it can be real.

                             So what is left? 
                          The right to dream..

However on Koufonissi this right has never been acknowledged, not because it was denied but because reality never needed to covet the dream. Sceptical ?

Just visit Finikas Resort. You will be captivated by the red sun rising out of the sea at dawn, turning the water into a myriad fiery sparkles, and awestruck at the sight of Keros, an archaeological treasure trove raising its steep purple hills out of the sea. 

You will be charmed by the sandy beach and the clear transparent water, as well as by the quaint tavern washed by the surf, but most of all by the warmth and hospitality, the cheerfulness and wit of the family who have been running it for 31 years.

Then you realize that what is hard to find elsewhere is not the enchanting view from the room balconies or the grounds with the palm trees and bougainvillea and children’s playground, or even the delicious home-made delicacies. It is the combination of all that and the rare quality of the people to whom the notion of hospitality still retains the significance it had for the ancient Greeks.